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Carpet Vacuum

Carpet Cleaning 

The Rug King provides carpet cleaning that is safe, responsible and professional. That is why all of our carpet cleaning services are hypoallergenic, soap free, and friendly for your kids, furry friends, and the environment. We are highly experienced carpet cleaning technicians that are quality-trained to exceed your expectations. We value your time and accommodate your schedule. Most importantly, we value our customers satisfaction and offer a quality guarantee on all of our carpet cleaning services. Call for your quote today or book now. 

How We Clean

The Rug King has spent years of research and development developing a low-moisture carpet cleaning method that uses 1/10th the amount of water used in traditional steam cleaning methods. This significantly reduces our carpet drying time to just one hour. The fast drying time eliminates the risk of mold or mildew developing in your carpet.

Our cleaning method also features a carbonated penetration system to break up the dirt and odors trapped under the surface of your carpet. This technique is highly-effective in removing stubborn stains. Our cleaning method is %100 safe, reliable, and leaves your carpet spotless and odor-free, every-time. We look forward to treating you to this truly royal clean. 

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